Jenna Judge, PhD

cropped-water_jump_small.jpgMy long-term ambition is to find and help implement science-based solutions to the difficult problems facing our coasts and oceans. My experience thus far has introduced me to a wide range of perspectives enabling me to adapt my role depending on the goals of the endeavor. I am comfortable leading scientific projects, coordinating technical/advisory/stakeholder groups, acting as a neutral facilitator, and distilling and communicating scientific information for technical and general audiences. See my CV for more information on my experience.

Currently, I am the Coordinator of NOAA’s San Francisco Bay and Outer Coast Sentinel Site Cooperative and a California Sea Grant Extension Fellow.  The Cooperative is one of five NOAA Sentinel Site Cooperatives in the country, created to leverage NOAA and partner resources and science to help coastal communities and ecosystems prepare for future sea level rise. In the past year, I have built a network linking federal, state, regional, and local agencies with natural resource managers, NGOs, and scientists. I have broadened my perspective and proficiency to support any collaborative process, especially those involving integration of science and natural resource management.

My dissertation research in the department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley (advised by David Lindberg) focused on patterns of biodiversity in deep-sea habitats that include hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, sunken whale bones, wood, and the crazy ways animals have evolved to live in those places. A life-long passion for nature and an intense curiosity for the deep sea drove me to pursue research, and sharing this excitement with students, the public and fellow scientists became the highlight of my graduate experience.

This site began as a blog to share my travel, research, and teaching experiences while I was in graduate school, so feel free to explore the posts! I use twitter more frequently to post updates, so please follow me @jenna_judge if you want to know what’s new in my world. If you want to get in touch directly, please use the form below.