Jenna Judge, PhD

cropped-water_jump_small.jpgA life-long passion for nature and an intense curiosity for the deep-sea drove me to pursue research, and sharing this excitement with students, the public and fellow scientists became the highlight of my graduate experience. Currently, I am the head instructor for the invertebrate zoology course at UC Berkeley and am also a curriculum developer and content expert for a new web resource, “Understanding Global Change,” through the UC Museum of Paleontology. I am looking for future opportunities at the intersection of science education and environmental conservation and am open to exploring potential roles that fit my experience and skillset and allow me to grow professionally.

My dissertation research in the department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley (advised by David Lindberg) focused on patterns of biodiversity in deep-sea habitats that include hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, sunken whale bones, wood, and the crazy ways animals have evolved to live in those places.

This site began as a blog to share my travel, research, and teaching experiences while I was in graduate school, so feel free to explore the posts! I use twitter more frequently to post updates, so please follow me @jenna_judge if you want to know what’s new in my world. If you want to get in touch directly, please use the form below.