Goodbye Japan… Hello California

So, the summer’s over, the semester has already begun here at Berkeley and life is moving fast! However, I do want to wrap up my summer in Japan before I dive into telling you what I’m working on now that I’m back on the eastern side of the Pacific.

My last night! My labmates gave me a yukata! So sweet of them!

My time in Japan was a lot of things to me: a research experience, a cultural experience, and a personal growth experience.  I progressed in learning new science skills, and I forged relationships with Japanese colleagues that I think will last my entire career. I came to Japan having little knowledge or understanding of its culture, but left with at least an appreciation for its complexity and awesomeness.  I hope I’ll have the chance to return to Japan sometime soon to further explore and continue to build ties with the scientific community here.  Although, this fancy technology called the internet makes keeping ties between colleagues in

I learned so much from Takenori and will miss him!

different countries very feasible. In fact, one of my Japanese colleagues said he is in email contact about 10 times per day with a colleague in Sweden!

So, although I will of course be in virtual contact with my Japanese colleagues and friends, I hope I will have opportunities to return to Japan and that they will also come visit me in California, one them is likely to come visit this year!


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