Down by the bay — where the watermelons grow…

I did not see any whales with polka dot tails or snails delivering the mail unfortunately, but with bucket and forceps in hand, I collected some limpets and saw lots of snails and crabs and sea anemones and chitons living on the rocks and in the tide pools down by the [Sagami] Bay.  There were also lots of oysters, and one of the grad students that joined us was very happy to find several species of oyster to add to his study on their evolutionary history.

he's on a mission for oysters, hammer and chisel at the ready
lots of limpets on the rocks, from a distant relative of the ones I focus on though... sigh











The weather wasn’t great, but the diversity of life I could see living on the rocks made up for it and despite the weather, my labmates and I couldn’t resist going for a swim after a long morning of searching for samples among the rocks.


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