…when you get an email from wordpress telling you to moderate a comment (a spam comment, but still) and reminding you of the existence of your blog. I then logged in for the first time in probably a year and out of curiosity looked at my stats and was completely shocked to see that people have actually looked at this thing, then shock turned to embarrassment…I realized I have a backlog of post ideas in my head and it’s time to finally end this hiatus and get ‘em out there. Thus, by writing this first post I am telling you (but mostly myself) that I am going to look back and post the things I should have posted months ago. Bear with me if the posts to come are old news (it’s definitely old news), but I need to catch up before I can keep moving forward, right? Or am I screwed already since you never get anywhere even if you run as fast as you can and I already stopped running? We’ll go with the first scenario just because I like to pretend to be an optimist.

Anyway, I’m back!



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